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Seat Booking Policy

    1. Miss International Queen™ has full right to select the available seats for customers.
    2. Seat bookings shall be confirmed upon receipt of full payment only.
    3. Miss International Queen™ will not be held liable for any loss or damage of tickets resulting from abuse or negligence on the customers.
    4. Once payment is made, no refunds or cancellation will be allowed.
    5. For ticket upgrades to higher price range, customers should inform Miss International Queen™ office 14 days prior to the contest date. Otherwise, no upgrade will be permissible.
    6. In the case of show cancellation, customers may receive refunds from Miss International Queen™ office after presenting their ticket card or receipt only.

No refund can be given without proof of purchasing ticket.

    Final Round of Miss International Queen 2020
    Friday, 7th March 2020.
    Time: 21.00 – 23.30 hrs.

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